pain-free_fadeWelcome to the new St. Marys Chiropractic website. We are pleased to now offer an online area detailing services and benefits offered by our offices.

In addition to treating many different non-surgical musculoskeletal conditions, we also specialize in treating dysfunction and disease of the human body related to faulty skeletal biomechanics (called subluxations) as well as those caused by nutritional imbalances.

We believe that your body has the ability to heal itself naturally. In fact, Chiropractic care was founded with that philosophy in mind.

Chiropractic is the third largest primary health care profession in the world (following medicine and dentistry). It offers a non-invasive, non-drug effective alternative to some of the significant health care problems plaguing the world today.

Thousands of others have achieved greater health and pain-free living through chiropractic and our goal is to help you achieve your optimum health.

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